• image description Lou Camilletti
    I have been a client of IAM Advisory for well over 30 years. From the first day I met Joe Parsons I was impressed with his professionalism and extreme knowledge. Over the years I have watched their company grow with both clients and professional staff. This is a tribute to the expert financial advice they always give. As you can imagine during that 30+ year time horizon there have been numerous up and down markets but because of IAM Advisory’s extreme knowledge and understanding of these business trends they were able to help all clients make the best financial decisions. I highly recommend IAM Advisory for all your investment needs.
  • image description Peter Moeller

    My wife and I have been clients for over ten years. We are impressed with IAM’s objectivity. They take a view on the investments markets based on considerable research. They share their views regularly with commentaries from both the tactical and strategic teams which brings value to the client. Their approach to determining the right investment model for a client is very thorough. My advisor spent a lot of time with us determining what we want financially for the long term. A suggested investment portfolio was presented and supported by considerable data. Spending some time reviewing all the data gave me confidence we were doing the right thing.

    Our advisor has managed our accounts through several market cycles. We make a decent return in up markets. And in down markets our portfolios are roughly half the percentage of the losses in the major indices. In my experience, long term investing success is based on managing the down side. I am confident our positive relationship with IAM will continue for the long term. They have been a great match.

  • image description Andrew Burns
    I would highly recommend I AM Advisory. 3 years ago I was looking at the possibility of retiring early (age60), I met with Steve he spent several hours with me answering questions and then he made time to help me fully understand the steps I could take to retire early. He continues help me plan for a long and happy retirement and to retain my assets into the future. My only regret is that I didn't know I AM Advisory earlier, I would have had less stress years ago.
  • image description Lora Schwambach
    A client for almost 40 years. Excellent service communication and trusted by my family for a long time. Have IAM ADVISORY help you plan for the future. 10 stars in my book.
  • image description Shirley Licsko
    I have been a client of IAM Advisory for over 30 years. I started when Joe Parsons was the only investor and look at them now. They have done well by me over the years and I would recommend them to anyone.

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